Introducing: MOLTENO – Our house is on fire

Photo by Laura Viana

MOLTENO debuts her new single, Our house is on fire, a compelling and dreamy tune that takes audiences to the moon and beyond. Vocals are the focus, but the instrumentation provides a rich foundation. The melancholic sound fits the deeply emotional lyrics well.

MOLTENO says of her new release: “I was lucky enough to stay in the middle of nowhere in the first lockdown and there was a quietness and a sense of eeriness and social isolation that seeped into the studio at the time. With Our house is on fire, I wanted to explore the way homes can feel inescapable in periods of change like relationship breakdowns or family dysfunction. Like the house is slowly burning.” She adds: “Seeing no planes in the sky and hearing almost total silence for the first time in years or maybe ever, made me reflect on what we’re doing to our planet and contemplate another way that isn’t setting it alight.”

Musically, Our house is on fire doesn’t follow any trends, it simply creates an ambiance that’s all its own. Check the audio below!