Introducing: Cassidy Mann – Stop A Heart

Canadian artist Cassidy Mann shares her new single, Stop A Heart. Acoustic guitar and a subtle electronic beat serve as the song’s backdrop. Graceful vocals fly around it, making the listener more serene. As the lyrics are based on ending a relationship, they’re relatable.

“I wrote this song about the exact moment when you know you have to end a relationship and then realizing that means you’re going to hurt another person in the process,” explains Mann. She continues: “There have been times where I’ve sat on that feeling for a while and tried to figure out how to minimize the damage, but it’s just a form of procrastination. Heartbreak happens to everybody and you can’t control it, you just have to feel it and know that eventually it will pass.”

The heartfelt nature of Stop A Heart should be given high praise.  Check out the audio below!