Introducing: Dasie – Hopelessly Devoted to You

Salt Lake City-based songwriter Dasie focuses on making Indie Pop music. She recently released a reimagined version of Hopelessly Devoted to You from Greace. It begins with stunning piano work, setting the tone for the rest of the piece. A new set of instrumental elements appears shortly afterward, and all of them are innovative. The vocal impresses with its rich tones.

In regards to the song, Dasie says: ”I’ve always loved the musical Grease and loved the lyrics that were in the song Hopelessly Devoted to You. I could relate so much to the lyrics that were in this song, but it didn’t quite feel the moody vibe I needed. I had the idea to take the lyrics and rework them into a moody pop arrangement. I changed up the harmony, added a new chorus, and this is what was created!”

Dasie shows her artistic brilliance by coming up with something like this. Check out Hopelessly Devoted to You below!