Introducing: Sierra Blax – Box of Chocolates

Sierra Blax brings unique flavors of soul, R&B, and chill-pop to her music. The singer-songwriter, born and raised in Kaua, often draws inspiration from her landscape of palm trees and ocean breezes for her lyrics and melodies, which give the ear an elated feeling.

The writing in Box of Chocolates is uplifting. With this production, Sierra shares a lot of wisdom, something that will appeal to listeners. Regarding the track, she states: “You can think of Box of Chocolates as a love letter to one’s higher self. Through times of sorrow and pain you eventually have to come to a place of acceptance and love; this song represents the navigation through all those emotions.

Besides embracing the new age R&B sound that’s defining today’s sound, Sierra is still inspired by the classics that shaped her. This song combines the best of both worlds. Therefore, the music becomes so iconic.

Check out Box of Chocolates below!