Introducing: Claudillea – Habanera

Because Claudillea has lived in many countries and has experienced diverse cultures her entire life, no place in particular feels like “home” to her. After opening for classical group Il Divo in 2018, she started making waves in 2020 after appearing on The Voice UK, first on Team Meghan and then stolen by Will.I.Am. The artist’s music cannot be categorized into a specific genre.

Habanera pulls inspiration from both classical and electronic music, an unusual combination, but a really cool one. Its creative beat and bold, classical vocals help to make it an exceptional song. This style really speaks to me.

Claudillea explains: ”When deciding which famous aria I wanted to flip for the first single off my debut EP, Carmen’s Habanera was an obvious choice. Carmen was fearless and unapologetically herself – not giving a crap what anyone thought of her, and as an artist, that is exactly what I want to embody. Like most aria’s, this one is timeless, and I hope with the ‘minor scale’ switch-up, young people will dance with disbelief that this was written 146 years ago.”

Check out Habanera below!