Introducing: BAD – Bubblebath

Julia Brex and Jackson Hoffman form the NYC duo BAD. They succeed in producing a sound that remains influential. Bubblebath, their newest single, came out last month. Funky components make the music particularly groovy and danceable. You’ll find 80s-inspired synths and playful melodies, for example. I like the catchy guitar riff during the chorus as well.

BAD comments regarding the song: “Bubblebath is a song about self-care! It’s about taking time for yourself, washing all the negativity off your skin, and letting it circle down the drain and out of your life. We give so much to our jobs, our families, our friends, our romantic relationships, and this song is a reminder to give to yourself.”

BAD strives to capture their creative vision through their music. This anthem simply cannot be ignored. Check out Bubblebath below!