Introducing: Love Level – Do This To Me

Love Level, an Australian indie/electro-pop duo, spent the past few months finishing their self-titled debut EP, and they’re happy to finally be able to share it. The collection has something for everyone. With Do This To Me, the duo strive for a signature sound. It takes a fresh approach, emphasizing creative arrangements.

Love Level said these things about the song: “Do This To Me is about feeling stagnant in a relationship – like you should leave but you have no will to go. For us, we experienced this with a friendship. We felt as if we’d been cast aside and left in the dark in such as sudden and unexpected way that it truly felt as if we were both going through a breakup from this person. In the moment we were so caught up in the slow burn of it all that we didn’t even realise Do This To Me was had become so relevant for us. It took us a while to move on from that hurt but we’re super proud of the song we got out of it.”

Music that connects with the soul has a global appeal. Do This To Me is rich in meaning. Check out the audio below!