Introducing: JENNA – The Same

JENNA is a British singer and songwriter from West Yorkshire. During her childhood, she was fond of music and singing, but it wasn’t until later in life that she discovered songwriting as a creative outlet.

The Same, JENNA’s second single, features some fantastic musical components. Even though the sound is calm, it still holds a compelling quality. Guitar and piano are the driving forces behind the production. JENNA sets such an amazing performance with her powerful vocals.

Here’s what JENNA said about the track: “At some stage in most of our lives, we have probably found ourselves in a one-sided relationship, either with a friend or in a romantic sense. The Same speaks from that viewpoint, being stuck in a cycle, working to improve a relationship with the expectation that it would get better, but finding that your efforts aren’t being reciprocated because the other person is never willing to change or admit fault.

I wanted the chorus lyrics ‘So don’t say you love me, cos I know it don’t mean a thing’ to really emphasise that actions truly speak louder than words.”

Ballads like this are destined to become a favorite among fans. So many heartfelt lines are present. Check out The Same below!