Introducing: Devan – Feel Better

Devan’s last year has been about reflection – a chance to look inward, and to deal with some emotions in a way the indie pop singer-songwriter hadn’t been doing. The inspiration for her upcoming Liquid Sunshine EP (set for release on October 15) stems from experiences years ago.

Feel Better features a calm instrumental that accentuates Devan’s vocal performance. Since the lyrics have deep meanings, she places an emphasis on them. This results in a record that speaks directly to the heart of the listener.

Feel Better is about someone close to you going through a difficult time. When it comes to mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, there isn’t always anything you can do to help, even though you wish so badly you could. The song was written out of helplessness, and is Devan’s way of saying I’m here for you even if I can’t fix this.

Check out Feel Better below!