Introducing: Shelana Azora – No Time

Shelana Azora likes to experiment with her music and not be limited by a specific genre. No Time has a catchy, energetic beat that takes cues from modern musical styles. Since you can get it out of your head, you’ll groove all day long. With soulful lyrics and honeyed vocals, Shelana puts on a great performance.

In regards to the track, Shelana says: “I think for the first time in a long time, I wrote this song for myself. I wanted to write a song that I could put on my Morning Playlist and listen to it to remind myself of how far I’ve really come. No Time is literally about me getting my shit together, finally crawling out of a dark hole and remembering that it’s really mind over matter. It just makes me want to dance around my house, sing at the top of my lungs and finally be proud of myself for overcoming all the doubts and negative self-talk.”

There are some notable moments in this track, like the vibesy breakdown at 2:01. Check out No Time below!