Introducing: ANN – Medusa

As the evening falls, people swarm past each other and the temperature rises, that’s when ANN comes to life. She presents her thrilling dark pop track, Medusa. It has some fascinating electronic aspects woven into the composition so skillfully that it remains memorable. ANN’s performance merits special mention for her exceptional singing.

Here’s what ANN has to say about the meaning behind the song: ”Everyone knows Medusa as an ugly monster that had to be killed. If you delve deeper into the story of Medusa, you will find out that she was an innocent girl, who was turned into a monster by envy, so that she could never have love. This woman represents strength, it is a power woman. She should be given a platform where she is portrayed as a strong woman instead of the monster from Greek mythology. Because everyone knows how hard it is to stay strong when everything has been taken from you, and this woman nevertheless remained strong.”

By putting her own spin on the current pop style, ANN really redefines the genre. Check out Medusa below!