Introducing: Gracie Ella – Butterflies

While Gracie Ella’s music draws influences from a wide range of musical genres and styles, she doesn’t easily into any category. She shares her upbeat and catchy song, Butterflies. A couple of snappy guitar lines accompanied by a solid beat are what give the production its signature flair. When layered, the vocals are of a particularly high standard.

Gracie has this to say about the song: “The chorus for Butterflies was originally written by myself for Steven Kozmeniuk (pka “Koz”) to sample. He wanted a bunch of vocal harmonies, something soulful! I sent it to him and he loved it! And he asked if I could write the rest of the song. I ended up keeping the song for myself and bringing it to life with Jamaal Bowry from Toronto, a good friend of mine whom I work with a lot. I am very much like the soulful Taylor Swift, I can’t stop writing about love.”

Check out Butterflies below!