Introducing: Roses & Revolutions – Lower Than Low

Lower Than Low is the latest single from Roses & Revolutions’ forthcoming Midnight Monsters EP, which will be released on October 15 via Nettwerk Records. The instrumentation presents a very quiet sound, allowing the performance to be a focal point. While the lyrics beautifully capture sadness, the melody and production evoke hope.

Lower than Low is about thinking you’re at your lowest and realizing there’s actually a level below that,” the band explains. The songs on Midnight Monsters were written in the middle of the night, in the strange hours before dawn when the world seems to stand still. There’s a quality of magical realism in each of the six tracks, where synth and analog sounds mix to create something otherworldly.

Roses & Revolutions writes relevant stories that connect with listeners. Lower Than Low takes you on an emotional journey. Check out the audio below!