Introducing: JYLDA – So Alive

JYLDA reminisces about the carefree times of pre-pandemic night life in So Alive. A roaring bass line makes the music interesting. Aside from that, catchy flute licks and bouncing tom fills have been added to increase its dimensionality. I haven’t heard anything so creative for quite some time. With her majestic voice, JYLDA is capable of reaching every note without difficulty, solidifying her status as an iconic performer.

Regarding the single, JYLDA explains: ”I wrote So Alive during my winter isolation period in the middle of nowhere. At the time, it felt like such a surreal memory to think of going out, moving within a crowd in a club. This song is about longing for that carefree feeling which so many times throughout the pandemic has felt unreachable — and about the healing quality of dance.”

Check out So Alive below!