Introducing: tiLLie – Hell Yeah!

Hell Yeah! is a little sarcastic, a little earnest, a little tiLLie. With its twisting beats and anguished vocals, Hell Yeah! gets straight to the point – getting a “W” can still be an annoyance. Guitars-and-ear-worm-melodies are the backbone of this production, giving it its lively flow. If you need some extra energy to drive you forward, this song is ideal. tiLLie delivers a powerful performance, reminding the listener that she excels at expressing her thoughts.

In regards to the track, tiLLie has this to say about it: ”Lyrically, Hell Yeah! touches on the frustration I think a lot of my friends and I have been feeling. We’re in our 20s – we’re suppose to be outside fucking shit up, living our lives, and everything going on in the world has forced us inside. It speaks to how the pandemic simplified the ways in which I gauged whether or not I had a good day – did I make it through without having a mental break down and am I still alive? Which is equally humbling and incredibly depressing so I channeled all those paradoxical feelings and pent up energy into this song.”

Check out Hell Yeah! below!