Introducing: Amy Zou – Tell Me

Amy Zou succeeds in redefining the pop genre by bringing an experimental aspect to it. Tell Me appears on her debut EP, Losing Face. Initially, the track is ethereal and spacey, before becoming more melodic over time.

”All of the songs from this body of work come from a realization that I was constantly performing to keep others happy both in romantic & platonic relationships and deriving a lot of self worth or value from others & their opinions,” Amy points out. Heavy vocal distortion, digital processing, and other dissonant sounds provide a framework for finding insight in internal dissonance and tension.

If we look at the lyrics of Tell Me, you’ll notice it has many layers. Basically, it describes the disorienting feeling of co-dependency. Putting others before yourself can be exhausting, as embodied in the chorus line, if you tell me what you want from me, I got it.

This great production brings Tell Me to life. Amy comments: ”The ending is an especially favorite part of mine – visually, to me it sounds like a broken robot repeating the same one or two lines as the scene fades.”

Check out Tell Me below!