Introducing: JORDI UP LATE – TLQ (feat. The Nicholas)

TLQ, and its corresponding live-action music video, are shared by LA-based pop artist JORDI UP LATE. With an upcoming debut, this release is a follow-up to previous singles like IDRK and Back In LA, which have been acclaimed by Hollywood Life, Indie88, and more.

TLQ takes the listener on a journey through a world drenched in soulful sounds. The music has a catchy melody that provides an excellent counterpoint to the spacey beat. JORDI truly excels when it comes to putting together a cool atmosphere.

On the track, JORDI says: “I don’t remember the context but one of my friends titled me the ‘tough love queen’ over text and I knew that had to be a hook. TLQ perfectly describes my personality. I’m a straight shooter with a really big heart. I’ll tell you what you need to hear but I’ll also be there for you when you cry about it. I’m very unapologetic about being blunt, because it comes with being my most genuine self. Of course brutal honesty can get me into trouble sometimes, but it’s served me in all my relationships both platonic and romantic. People know where I stand.”

Check out TLQ below!