Introducing: Alessia Labate & Beatrice Quinta – Fvck Nostalgia

Photo by Agostino Giorgio Chiarucci

Alessia Labate was born and raised in a musical family in Southern Italy. She’s now based in Milan where she works as a freelance vocalist and vocal producer for both EDM and pop acts across the globe.

Labate collaborates with Beatrice Quinta on her first Italian tune, Fvck Nostalgia. Its electronic-influenced production acts as the ultimate backdrop for the vocal lines. A slew of surprises await you over the course of the song, one of them being the ending that deviates from the refrain. The sound never gets predictable. Labate’s output continues to be influential, Fvck Nostalgia represents high-quality dance music.

Labate has been making impressive tunes this year, and Fvck Nostalgia looks to be a great contender to be her next big success. I expect no less than acclaim given its catchy melodies and sublime performances. Check out the audio below!