Introducing: TAROT – Iridescent

TARAOT is a songwriter and alternative pop soul artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. During the month of May 2022, she will premiere her debut album. Even though it seems still far away, hype has already increased.

The project’s first single, Iridescent, invites listeners to dance along. With its catchy groove and spacey melody, the song strikes a balance between dynamism and ethereality. TAROT shows off her distinctive style of singing during this performance.

Regarding the track, TAROT comments as follows: ”This song gives my audience a look into what goes on in my brain on an existential level. We have all looked up at the stars and wondered what else might be up there and what it all means to be here in the first place. I feel like I was definitely from a different planet in a past life! What’s beautiful about writing about concepts like these is that we all experience this world from different perspectives, but we share the same curiosity and wonder towards life. I strive to encourage others to be present and chase after their higher self through my music.”

Check out Iridescent below!