Introducing: Emilia – No Promises

Emilia, a singer-songwriter from Birmingham, UK, makes her debut with her pop song, No Promises. An engaging production leads the vocals through a maze of varied arrangements. Emilia’s lyrics have significant impact, primarily because they speak to the soul. She sings with a rich tone, and you’ll be able to hear that when you listen closely.

The following is what Emilia says about the song: ”I wrote this song to express my emotions about dating at the moment. If you listen to the song, you can see that I have been hurt in past relationships to the point that I am now being extra cautious in my future ones. The title No Promises sums up the song extremely well, as I don’t want to have expectations in fear of being let down again. I think this is a song a lot of people can definitely relate to and will therefore not feel alone in their feelings.”

Check out No Promises below!