Introducing: Madeleine Rauch – Far Away

Madeleine Rauch is finally releasing new music after touring all over Europe with German superstar rapper Marteria. A new sound and a new city mark the beginning of the next phase in her music career.

Far Away‘s ethereal R&B sounds flow effortlessly through the speakers. There’s a philosophical quality to the lyrics that makes them quite interesting. Madeleine puts on an astonishing performance, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. You’ll appreciate the essence of what she’s trying to portray when you listen.

Far Away reflects on a break-up with all of its insecurities and fears, but it also offers a hopeful message of what lies ahead. From Madeleine: ”Sitting in my pain, writing the verses of the song, I felt the need to put some comforting words in the song as well and I kind of imagined how a future older and wiser me would tell me ‘it’s going to be alright, love’ ”.

Check out Far Away below!