Introducing: Lia Nxieta – Good Boy

Photo credit: Tereza Glazova

Good Boy is Lia Nxieta’s third official single. With unapologetic lyrics and a flirty attitude, she continues to claim her place in the scene.

The song’s musical direction is shaped by a R&B-influenced beat and dreamy melodies. Lia’s signature vocal/harmonies add an extra layer of texture to the overall mix, giving it a richer, more robust quality. Buttery verses, catchy hooks and a hands-on bridge emerge as you listen.

Visuals accompany the track. Lia’s words on the video are as follows: ”This is for the Queens and Kings, unafraid to shine in their own color/s and frequency/ies. It was a blast to turn the vision into reality.”

Check out Good Boy below!