Introducing: Penny Lame – LIPSTICK

Photo credit: Caleb Herring

It’s Penny Lame who’s leading the next wave of alt-punk-rock. The singer, based in Los Angeles, takes you back in time to New York City’s Velvet Underground era, recalling the glam and glamour of the 1970’s.

LIPSTICK is a wake up call about pushing back against a partner’s abusive behavior and rising out of the toxic fumes. This song’s lyrics contain a strong emotional element and are exceptionally clear. ”Every time they hurt me, I’d add another few lines and imagine I was screaming at them in the microphone”, Penny says of her writing inspiration.

The music complements Penny’s words with its energetic tones. It can be said that her voice is excellent. Penny’s singing has a profound effect on those listening.

Check out LIPSTICK below!