Introducing: Indy June – Drag Me Away

Singer-songwriter Indy June’s second single, Drag Me Away, is definitely one to check out. Its catchy sounds and pop-influenced production have you on board from the get-go. It’s not just the music, but also the lyrics, which have a strong focus. Indie strives to add depth and meaning to the mix through her philosophical approach, and succeeds in doing so.

When asked about the track, she says: ”I wrote this song as a message to my future self: to “drag me away” from my current position in life, essentially pulling me out of the closet. I sing to a version of myself that is carefree and living her best life- loving who she wants to love and being who she wants to be.”

Indy seems to be a very creative person, so I predict that her style will continue to expand. Hopefully, Drag Me Away is on your radar now. You cannot ignore its high-quality.