Introducing: vi0let – Deceptive

Brighton-based German-Irish singer-songwriter vi0let has consistently delivered this year, from the female empowerment anthem Ignite to the late-night R&B vibe Toxic City. Her new single, Deceptive, describes meeting that special person who you just know wants you as much as you want them. Matthew Sperring’s stunning production is laced with soulful harmonies that pull you in from the first listen.

Despite its fun and lighthearted nature, Deceptive evokes thoughtfulness. It details the art of flirtation, but also the scary feeling to be so open and honest with someone you’re getting to know hence why she sings “I can be deceiving” in certain moments.

vi0let never ceases to amaze with her creative expertise. In order to fulfill her ambition of becoming a well-known artist, she puts so much dedication and vision into her work. When you hear Deceptive, you’ll notice a lot of originality.

Check out the audio below!