Introducing: Hayley Marsten – Drowning Myself

Hayley Marsten’s new song, Drowning Myself, takes a unique turn from previous works not only because she’s writing about heartbreak from a completely different perspective, but also because she’s experimenting with various genres. The release of this single marks a new beginning for her as an artist.

Some impressive guitar melodies support solid instrumentation during Drowning Myself. The music has a surreal effect on the listener, like they’re in another realm. Although the arrangement is complex, it’s simple to follow. Therefore, Drowning Myself sounds so authentic.

Intriguing, moving lyrics are prominent here. Marsten explains the meaning behind the track: ”Drowning Myself is the sad banger with the subject matter I thought I’d never explore, my own mental health. In some ways, this song feels like a huge departure for me. But in reality, this is the most of me that has ever been in a song, my first time as a co-producer and guitarist. I wrote this about the unrelenting standards I’ve for myself but this song is finally enough.”

Check out Drowning Myself below!