Introducing: Julia Ivory – To The Bone

With To The Bone, Julia Ivory presents a vulnerable track that signifies the start of a stellar solo career. I think it’s a very impressive first single, especially considering its depth. Piano work with highly emotional undertones, as well as intriguing vocals, are interwoven into the music. You’ll be deeply moved by what these lyrics mean.

When Julia speaks about the track, she says: ”I wrote To The Bone sitting at my piano late at night, in the thick of my eating disorder. It was the first piece of music I truly connected with, I poured everything out, without judgement, without pressure…I finally spoke.” The singer-songwriter adds: ”Now I am on a journey of self discovery, using music as a way to tell my story. I’m content with how 19 years has directed me so far, though I credit it all to my sheer determination to survive. Though I am alone I am not afraid, I believe in myself now more than ever. I’m going to keep trying.”

Julia’s talks about important topics like anxiety, mental health, and eating disorders in such a heartfelt way. To The Bone will definitely help listeners and inspire them to find their inner strength. It will also give them hope for recovery and growth. I’d like to thank this singer-songwriter for making music that motivates us to pursue our own goals.

Check out To The Bone below!