Introducing: Natasha Hunt Lee – Fancy Night

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Natasha Hunt Lee breaks onto the scene with her debut single, Fancy Night. The song commemorates one beautifully shroom-filled night mid-quarantine.

With a stunning pop instrumental as the backbone, Fancy Night manages to sound spectacular on every level. Natasha’s vocals add an additional layer of richness, extending the lyrics’ impact.

Regarding the song, Natasha says the following: “It’s about the overwhelming beauty of everybody you love being in one room, looking as beautiful as possible in these wild outfits (hence ‘Fancy Night’), all connecting in this outrageously disarming way. She adds: ”To make it even more absurd, I think I’m falling for someone in the room. And even if that last part was just a figment of my romantic imagination and the fleeting nature of the moment sent me into a six month comedown, it’s not often that things are all so simultaneously perfect. Those are the nights you have to hold onto regardless of outcome.”

While working on her upcoming EP and follow-up singles, Natasha is polishing out dozens of voice memos. By releasing Fancy Night, she has taken the first step towards becoming a prominent artist. Check out the audio below!