Introducing: Nadia Vaeh – Snake Lady

In her latest single, Nadia Vaeh tells the story of a femme fatale that influenced and pushed her further in her journey of self-discovery. The Love Yourself Project, a non-profit arts and education organization that offers programs that promote self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and skill-building, partnered with Nadia to release this song.

A vivid beat and catchy melody lay the structure for this production. Although it sounds like Electro Pop, there are hints of Indie Rock as well. This music is constantly moving because of its energy. Nadia’s singing flows well. She tries to achieve the best balance if it comes to the performance and the instrumental accompaniment.

Nadia Vaeh describes the “snake lady,” the antagonist in the single, as “a girl with a darkly magnetic aura. She had a charm to her…a snakey charm and I was instantly enamored and stricken.” Based on a real experience, Vaeh tells the story of her run-in with a temptress. “I was in a very vulnerable place in my life, and she exploited that. Despite all of this, she did give me something in return as I was now able to explore more of my sexuality and was pushed even further and deeper into my journey as an artist and back into my skin.”

Check out Snake Lady below!