Introducing: Lynda DeFuria – Heavy

Lynda DeFuria is a New York-based pop artist who grew up in Las Vegas. She just shared Heavy, a sweeping, emotional ballad. With the support of powerful vocals, complex piano work, and other sounds, you’re sure to be completely blown away by it.

This narrative showcases a great deal of openness and heartfelt sentiment. Lynda explains the meaning of the song as follows: ”Heavy is a conversation with my old ways and younger days, that old friend who you could always count on for another round. Alluring, exciting, and comfortable; someone who you have fought to outgrow. Heavy is one step forward and two steps back; surrendering to nonlinear progress and growth.” She adds: “Heavy is part of my story and if it feels like part of yours too, then I hope you feel less alone and a little more strong listening.”

Heavy provides comfort to anyone who listens. That alone makes it an instant modern classic. Check out the audio below!