Introducing: Highasakite – Mother

Mother is a slick, laid-back rnb track, but surprises the listener with its devastating chorus. Vocalist and composer Ingrid Håvik screams “I need to call my mother” in a powerful and emotional way. The lyrics of this song explore the main themes of birth and death, the cycle of renewal and destruction. Although this song is not a rose-tinted depiction of motherhood, it’s a powerful and moving response to such a complex and multi-faceted concept.

The lyrical complexity in this song may make it hard to understand at times. In order to fully comprehend it, you need to dig deeper. To be honest, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It will give you a chance to get a  deeper appreciation of the song, and it will only lead you to connect with it on a whole new level.

Highasakite seems to be destined for success. They’re very melodic and the music is catchy and can be sung along to, but at the same time they don’t conform to any standards of genres or what a song should sound like. Highasakite makes it known that they care about making wistful songs and not just chasing after stardom; fans will appreciate their authenticity and dedication to staying true to themselves!