Introducing: Molly O’Leary – Bella’s song

Molly O’Leary is a singer-songwriter from New Bedford. Her latest single, Bella’s Song, is a soothing song with folk elements. According to O’Leary, it was inspired by Twilight and forbidden love. But this isn’t just any love story—it’s a polyamorous love story.

O’Leary has said that she wanted to write a song about polyamory that was “positive and celebratory”. The song is indeed celebratory, and it’s a fantastic addition to the growing canon of songs about polyamory.

Soaring vocals, skillful instrumentation and a nostalgic tone separate this song from others in today’s musical landscape. All of these factors together form a symphony that you simply cannot help but be enthused about. Molly works diligently to build up her musical career and is never afraid to try new ideas. By doing this, she continues to offer the best to her audience.