Introducing: Taska Black x Lizzy Land – Too Small For The World

Belgian songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Taska Black shares his incredibly catchy dance pop single, Too Small For The World, featuring LA based singer-songwriter Lizzy Land. This song is a heartfelt thank you note to the better halves of the world — those who show us the way when the darkness seems impossible.

Too Small For The World will have you bouncing when the heartbeat-like percussion and muted verses explode into a bright chorus. The lyrics provided by Lizzy are perfectly suited to the production, as is her performance. I appreciate songs with such a high level of creativity. It’s not difficult to conclude it’s unique by looking at all aspects together.

Taska says the following about the track: “Too Small For The World is about the person who pulls you through everything. Sometimes I have the feeling that I’m so small and insignificant in this world and I start overthinking everything. Having a person by your side who keeps you grounded, shows you the bright side of life and pulls you through everything means everything. I think everyone goes through rough waters sometimes and for me personally my girlfriend helps me deal with a lot of that. She helps me stay in the moment when I’m in my head thinking about things that ultimately don’t have to determine my happiness. This song is about realizing and appreciating having a person like that in your life.”

Check out Too Small For The World below!