Introducing: Rosalie – There Used To Be Four

Rosalie has already shared a lot of songs containing such strong emotional content. Her music has the ability to move people. To achieve this is quite remarkable. In There Used To Be Four, quiet melodies and soulful vocals accompany vulnerable and deeply meaningful lyrics. It talks about the loss of her father.

Rosalie comments: ”I think grief is the trickiest emotion. After losing someone you love, you think that you are finally doing ok. But then, out of nowhere, it bursts out of you like a waterfall. Like a downpour you didn’t see coming.”

”I lost my dad over five years ago now, and on the day that I wrote There Used To Be Four, I don’t think I set out to write about him. I actually don’t remember a lot about the write if I’m being honest. I think that’s partly because this is a song that wanted to be written. It’s like it wrote me. It’s like the grief had something to say.”

”This song is for my dad. It’s for my family. It’s for the little girl whose voice you hear. I want to do right by them and by her. I also hope that somehow, by me telling my story, it helps others who know this kind of loss. This song is for you. Grief connects us all in some bittersweet way.”

There Used To Be Four includes audio samples from 40 hours of home recordings. In addition to being detailed and carrying impact, this production also emphasizes effectiveness. For listeners who have lost a loved one, Rosalie’s performance will definitely strike a chord. The singer-songwriter offers comfort and support in the healing process.

Check out There Used To Be Four below!