Introducing: Dawn Coulshed – Dawn

Dive is a new track from singer-songwriter Dawn Coulshed. It features masterfully crafted soundscapes. You’ll hear strings, piano, and other instruments in the background. I’m most blown away by the outro of the song, because it’s got such a striking tone.

Dawn shares thoughtful perspectives into her subjects. Dive explores the type of heavy day where time seems to slowly drip by and all you can do is lean in.  It was perhaps inevitable then that it’s taken Coulshed two years since the original stems were recorded to release this song. She comments: “I knew I needed to push the track further so joined an online music production course and started recording more harmonies from my parents garden shed. I used to pull my hair out working with music software but this was a lot of fun and I’m keen to keep self-producing.”

By releasing Dive, Coulshed demonstrates a very high level of musicianship. Her voice and the composition complement each other in an astounding way. Check out the audio below!