Introducing: Hunter – ur bedroom

Chicago-based artist, producer, and songwriter Hunter puts out his new single, ur bedroom. From the moment the track begins, hypnotic guitars and dreamy sounds fill the air. After the vocals are added, the production shines even more brightly. The writing style of Hunter is something to be praised, his lyrics have an exceptional depth.

He said the following about the track: ”When I first started working on this song, I had a lot of complicated feelings after one of my best friendships inadvertently became more romantic. I wasn’t really feeling it; the only thing I could think of was how nothing would really be the same anymore and I think we kinda scared each other off. I made this in my bedroom, it is self produced/engineered, and I played/sang every part aside from a single splice loop.”

This song will stick with you, especially during the cold months. I think Hunter has created something marvelous. Check out ur bedroom below!