Introducing: Gabby Holt – Songbird

Gabby Holt delivers a powerful rock song with Songbird. Dynamic guitar and drum work give it a soaring sound. It’s unlike anything else out there. Gabby follows some intriguing directions in this production. There are several memorable highlights that can be mentioned, such as the bridge, which becomes more energetic over time.

Songbird appears on Gabby’s solo debut record, The Star and The Devil. On this project, she explores her past connections in six bristling parts, each of which she wrote while immersed in connections that were, at times, driven by addiction, fear, or insecurity.

“I look at myself with almost child like eyes, you know.” Holt says of the person she was when she wrote the songs. “That was the Gabby that was learning, that wanted to fix this situation. This was the part of me that was trying her best.” Today, Holt looks back upon the unhealthy relationships that drive The Star and The Devil with newfound perspective, cherishing her experiences from a place of honesty and growth.

Songbird showcases Gabby’s grandiose sound. It also impresses lyrically on all levels. Good music is always worth celebrating, so be sure to check this out. See audio below!