Introducing: Toria Wooff – James Edward

UK singer-songwriter Toria Wooff is currently making a name for herself in the music world. With James Edward, she brings back the sound of the 1970s while adding her own flair. She sings beautifully, with emphasis on the words. Calm drum work, sparkling guitar tones, and other instrumental components provide a perfect backdrop for her performance. Listening to this will make you think you’re driving through the desert.

“It describes being with someone who wants to stick around you, even when you feel you’re not that interesting or easily distracted by other things,” Toria reveals of the song’s true meaning. “It’s like returning from a long trip and that person is still there, waiting for you.” Upturning expectations of what it means to be ‘folk’ by making the mundane magical, James Edward is the perfect entry point into Toria’s mystical repertoire.

The concept behind James Edward seems very well-thought-out from my perspective. By writing engagingly, Toria makes it possible to immerse yourself into the song’s storyline. Her lyrics have a recognizable aspect, making them easy to understand. Check out the audio below!