Introducing: yawny yelly glowy floaty – Alone

yawny yelly glowy floaty, consisting of Stephanie and Logan, is known for their lush & hair-raising productions  The duo’s latest single, Alone, came out last week. The vocals are surrounded by futuristic sounds that have a slightly moody feeling to them, evoking a mysterious atmosphere. It’s perfect for this season, I think. All the subtleties make it an instant classic, one you’ll continue to listen to long after Halloween is over. This only further illustrates yawny yelly glowy floaty’s brilliance.

They say the following about the track: ”The lyrics remind us where the iconic horror themes we love come from and what the most memorable monsters are actually metaphors for. The song leaves one thinking, “we’re all alone in the universe, or are we?”.”

This song even ask philosophical questions. That’s something I can really appreciate, and it’s another reason to study the context. Check out Alone below!