Introducing: Nolo Grace – Miss Perfect

Nola Grace has maintained her status as one of the most creative pop artists around with the release of her latest song, Miss Perfect. The steady beat and dynamic melody will leave you spellbound. In other words, it’s quite extraordinary. Nola’s voice has an excellent tone that emphasizes the message in the lyrics. The music she crafts can be considered legendary.

After battling her desire to pursue a career in music for about fifteen years, Nolo takes listeners on a journey of personal development and female empowerment, teaching them always to “embrace who they are,” she states. Miss Perfect is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the desire to break free of convention and pursue something they love for the sake of personal fulfillment.

The video, directed by Sasha Rivero, captures the song’s meaning effectively. A lot of work went into making it, as you can see. The level of detail, efficiency and aesthetics are exceptional.

The stunning visual is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the picturesque Norman Rockwell idea of perfection that appears to be the gold standard of American living. But unlike the beloved quintessential American paintings, Miss Perfect highlights women of color and their frustration with being held to a standard that does not exist.

Listeners will definitely get a boost of confidence from this song. I think that’s something so inspiring. Check out Miss Perfect below!