Introducing: CLOVER – I Don’t Use Your Name

CLOVER is a singer-songwriter who hails from a small river town in New Jersey. She recently shared the emotive and insightful single, I Don’t Use Your Name. Unique piano work creates a mystical world at the beginning. More instruments are added over time, increasing the sound’s energy. The vocals play a major role, since they convey the feeling of the lyrics so effectively.  Listening to it will give you a sense of peace.

CLOVER says the following: ”Anticipating an upcoming breakup, I wrote this song in the dingy basement of my Brooklyn apartment with a choir of tinkling water pipes that lined the walls. I shared a demo of it with my ex the very night we parted ways – he loved it.”

I think this music will garner much acclaim. Both the writing and production of I Don’t Use Your Name are iconic. Clover continues to change the creative landscape with her contributions Check out the audio below!