Introducing: YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB – Birds in the Cage

Emerging London-based French singer, songwriter, producer and engineer YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB has been quietly working on new music while producing and engineering for other artists in the past year. Birds in the Cage has a peaceful sound. Acoustic guitar and claps underpin the production. YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB’s vocals have a graceful tone, conveying the song’s message effectively. Her lyrics have an element of empowerment to them.

YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB says the following: “To be completely honest, the song doesn’t have a set meaning. I took my time to write it and was inspired by different situations, and I think that’s why the song is open to interpretation. My interpretation of it would be that you can’t put people in boxes and expect them to stay in them, let alone be happy in them. I hope that listeners can hear something similar”

The video, shot by Sam Collier, shows two teenage boys from London’s council estate going on an adventure and discovering who they really are. You can check it out below as well!