Introducing: Amber Kamminga – Name On It

Dutch songwriter Amber Kamminga doesn’t back down from telling the truth through her music. Previous singles Name Of Love and 3AM have won prizes in the International Songwriting Contest, and been featured both on Dutch and UK radio stations. A few days ago, she put out the country-pop hit Name On It. The instrumentals are intricate and expertly composed. There are a lot of little details that I find charming, including the glowing guitar during the opening. Within her performance, Amber shows genuine conviction. She sings with impeccable timing and a velvety tone.

Name On It talks about fate being decided by chance. Despite knowing a relationship doesn’t stand a chance of succeeding, we sometimes attempt it anyway. When it falls apart for reasons other than love, you accept it and move on. Even though the lyrics are somewhat sad, the song sends a powerful message.

Just like Amber’s other works, Name On It will gain worldwide acclaim for its quality. In short, it’s nothing less than extraordinary. Check out the audio below!