Introducing: Taylor Jaffe – Just a Crush

Just a Crush, Taylor Jaffe’s self-penned fall single, recently dropped. Rhytmic guitar and soothing drums blend together into a soulful pop sound. A melodious voice rises high above the music, leading the listener on an enthralling journey. In particular, I enjoy the last segment with its little instrumental changes. The lyrics might be relatable for some, as they refer to reconizable situations.

Taylor explains: “I love a good crush as much as the next person, but there are some that are just not worth it and SO annoying to have.Just a Crush is about one of those for me; a dumb crush that I couldn’t explain. ”From writing the song in my bedroom to producing it during my Senior spring of college, this soft-pop style song has been my “let that man go” anthem, because truly, what’s a crush to a Queen?”

Good news for those who are fans of Taylor’s music: she plans on releasing a debut EP very soon. To promote the project, she will be performing live. Make sure you don’t miss it. While you’re waiting, check out Just a Crush below!