Introducing: Sonny Casey – A Thousand Setting Suns

Irish singer-songwriter Sonny Casey has performed all over Europe. Her music allows people to step away from their daily routines for a moment. A Thousand Setting Suns, the title of her new single, is a reference to one of her favorite books, A Thousand Splendid Sunsets. Knowing that is pretty cool, I think. Makes you curious about what you’ll hear.

Before getting into the song’s context, let’s discuss the sound itself. A Thousand Setting Suns starts with subtle instrumentation, but then around 1:40 the production gets more complex. The additional instruments help to create a rich, expansive sonic landscape. This change offers some refreshing twists, so I definitely like it.

As she sings, Sonny keeps her focus on the lyrics. The singer-songwriter explains the meaning behind A Thousand Setting Suns as follows: ”It’s the bittersweet story of letting go of a loved one who’s hurt you and being at peace with no longer having them in your life. It’s about being happy for them that they love someone else now, with a hint of longing for all of those could-have-beens. It’s about remembering what you had and cherishing it, whilst accepting that it can only ever belong to the past. It’s about knowing that you’ll once again find someone who moves you the way a sunset would, someone who ‘paints you with all the colours of a thousand setting suns.”

A Thousand Setting Suns represents Sonny’s musical proficiency to the fullest extent. You can check it out below!