Introducing: charly haze – Backfire

Dutch London-based electropop songstress charly haze draws inspiration from the 80s and always manages to reach a wide audience. Synthesizers are prominent in the new single Backfire. Defining the instrumental as next level would be an accurate description. Vocals convey the meaning of the lyrics perfectly. Each section astonishes.

Regarding the track, charly comments: ‘’Backfire captures the contrast between the darkest days of despair and the fighting spirit; losing control over your body and doing whatever it takes to regain it. However, it’s not a sad song; the emphasis lies on perseverance, courage, and invincibility.” Specialist treatment in the US eventually led to full recovery, after which she upped sticks and moved to London for a fresh start. “The tough times have come to an end, but the fighting spirit remains forever.”

The narrative is illustrated in a unique way by the music video. charly showcases her strength through this project. Very inspiring, as well as powerful. Check out Backfire below!