Introducing: Notelle – Turnover Rate

Singer-songwriter Notelle finds inspiration amidst the shadows and the darkness, which allows her to express her feelings and thoughts in a raw and frightening manner. She builds a fascinating sonic world with Turnover Rate. Gittering guitars, hard-hitting drums, and sharp vocals all show up on this tune. Mysterious vocals swirl around the instrumental, borrowing the same energy but maintaining their own direction.

Turnover Rate is drawn from Notelle’s personal experience. She comments: “I’ve known people throughout my life that refuse to grow. They’re self-centered, self-serving, and self-destructive. Everyone knows someone like this, so I’m not unique in that – but I’ve known my fair share. Some of them I’ve dated, some of them I’ve stayed away from, but this song is really about watching those people continue their broken cycles of living, you know? Like wash, rinse, repeat their toxicity. First, they find a community, convince everyone that they’re kind, or compassionate, or a genuine person, but eventually, that facade cracks. Then instead of sticking around to mend the relationships they’ve so casually broken, they burn the bridge to the whole lot of them and start over with a new group of people—every couple of months, every couple of years, every couple of seasons. You get the picture. It’s astonishing really.“

Notelle’s music, labeled as ‘nightmare pop,’ is full of nuances. I can’t compare it directly against any other style. No words can adequately describe its complexity. I’d recommend paying attention to the rich soundscape and songwriting.

Check out Turnover Rate below!