Introducing: Grace Kay – Here

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Photo credit: Nyiko Beguin

Los Angeles-based songstress Grace Kay shares her new single, Here. Dreamy melodies and nostalgic pop grooves weave a lush musical landscape. These vocals have such a unique energy to them. Grace makes sure her performance is as strong and impressive as possible.

The lyrical content of Here strikes a balance between personal anecdotes and shared sentiments. It mainly talks about the vulnerability of friendship and the deep bonds that form through traumatic experiences. Grace expresses a lot of heartfelt emotions in this production.

She explains: ”My best friend lost seven friends and family members during our freshman year of college and I’ll never forget how that affected her. I was there for her then, and we moved through it. Then, she was there for me in 2019 when I was finally able to escape a very toxic relationship that left me with the scars of panic attacks and led me to cut my bangs in protest of it all. The fact of the matter is time heals all and I know she’ll be there for more celebrations and bumps in the road, and I’ll always just be happy to be here with her now.”

Check out Here below!