Introducing: Roma Rose – Earned Me

Roma Rose reveals her new single, Earned Me. An all-female team wrote and produced it. Jennifer Ann Keller (Astraea, Hannah Grace) and Jessica Sharman (Gabrielle Aplin, Ward Thomas) are involved in the creation of this music. Ethereal textures, calm melodies and subtle percussive details define the sound. Delicate vocals/harmonies form the music’s soul.

Listeners will be inspired by the lyrics’ empowering theme. I feel like they have such a strong focus and layers of depth. Rose comments about the track: ”It was inspired by a friend’s story (with their full permission I must add!) who was in that early 30s period of her life, in an up and down “Normal People” style relationship. For a long time, she told herself that she was happy with the lack of commitment and future potential, but actually it was eating her up inside and destroying her confidence. It’s a song about having the courage to ask for more and knowing it’s never too late to change your life and re-build.”

Knowing your worth is important, and Rose illustrates this so well. Her ability to connect with listeners remains phenomenal. Check out Earned Me below!