Introducing: a2ele – Dyade

French artist a2ele hails from the future. With Dyade, she presents something that might have defined a new musical era. Its hypnotic sound leaves an impact and makes the listener feel like they’re in a meditative state. Fantastic vocals accompany powerful choruses and melodramatic verses.

Dyade portrays an idealized popstar in her “papier-mâché costume”, the reflection of an overflowing ego, ready to dispel doubts and the lack of self-confidence that stand in the way of the artist. Having a unique concept for a song is a great thing. Such an achievement should receive our appreciation.

a2ele’s video shows her in her bedroom, a reassuring setting that allows her to dream, namely, becoming someone else, a double that would assume the posture of an artist, transcending and imposing.

Check out Dyade below!